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Dominium Assistance Dogs, a Quinte West organization training dogs for Veterans and the Quinte community is forced to close their doors after 3 years of operation.

We would like to announce some very sad news regarding Dominium Assistance Dogs, an organization training dogs to help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and mobility issues acquiring Service Dogs in the Quinte area since 2014.

Since the start of our operations, we have answered hundreds of calls and emails, helping, guiding and directing Veterans and civilians across Canada to acquire Service Animals. We have trained over 35 dogs to their maximum potential, vested close to 20 dogs and qualified 7 dogs for PTSD and mobility for the Quinte area.

We are also very proud to have been chosen to chair the training principles of the new Canadian Standards on Service Animals and we have spent the last 2 years helping Canadians to have the right to train and have Service Dogs for their mental restrictions.

We also had the chance to show our feathers on National television during a show called “Collars of Duty” on Animal Planet. We were present on 3 different episodes showing our ground-breaking techniques of dog training tips and broadcasting one of our team who had made improvements due to the support of a PTSD service dog.

At this point in time we are very proud of our accomplishments. Unfortunately, the constant process of awareness and education is proving to be blocking our fundraising capability. We are at a critical impasse where the demands for our services greatly outweighs the resources we have available. Therefore, it is with regret and sadness that we feel obliged to close the doors of the organization.

It was not a decision that was taken lightly. The waiting list for PTSD Service Dogs in Canada is over 2 years and most of them are Veterans.

Since we are no longer a non-profit nor a charitable organization, we will be transferring our knowledge and equipment to a local business. It is an unfortunate but necessary step we all must accept and respect. Please feel reassured that all our clients and everyone who has put in an inquiry has received assistance and guidance, and all the dogs have been spoken for and paired appropriately.

We are happy to pass the torch to Silke Lemesurier from Pet Me Please, who will take over the training of Service Dogs for a very reasonable price under the umbrella of PMP Loyal Companion Service Dogs. You can reach Silke via her website at or call 613-398-0314.

On another good note, we are pleased to announce that Glenn and Lisa-Marie are moving forward as PTSD Motivational Speakers. We invite you to follow us on social media under Bite The Bullet Today, or our website